To: Warriors Nation

From: Alf Daniels, Head Coach

Date: July 19, 2018

Dear Friends, Supporters & Members of Warriors Nation!

Haumi e, Hui e, Taiki e!

This is a Maori chant that was used by our team before we left the lockers and ran out onto the field to play our game. It’s english translation means ‘To Tighten the Ropes’.

This was our way of telling each other, that we as a team, wanted to bind together in support of each other, to care for each other on the field, to protect each other from the enemy and to be united in all our efforts, so that we could make it through the storm ahead and return safely and successfully to our home.

The players were the ones on the field, wearing the Jersey and battling the enemy but we were always very aware that the ‘Ropes’ and our ‘Circle of Safety’ extended far beyond just our teammates.

Every week, especially at our home games, we felt and heard the awesome energy and aroha (love), of every single one of our family and our fantastic Warriors Nation supporters! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping our players to Tighten the Ropes. It was your support that lifted us, carried us and encouraged us to dig deep, fight to the end and play with big hearts so we could make the playoffs.

I have coached many games at many stadiums and I can honestly state, that the noise, the bells and cheering at our home stadium was second to none. You made it sound like we had ten times the number of supporters than were actually in attendance. Thank you!

It warmed our hearts to see the awesome support in so many different ways, not just at the game. The waves as we drove or walked past, the hats, jerseys, car stickers and t-shirts filling this great state of Utah with the buzz of the Utah Warriors.

We were deeply disappointed at times with the results of our games, but you, our Warriors Nation, were always so supportive, positive and encouraging. That really meant a lot to us and kept us focused on our goals.

We didn’t quite make the last hurdle this year, but I promise you, that with your continued support, this new, professional team and sport will become Bigger, Better and Stronger until it not only fills this wonderful State, but also this great country.

Thank you once again for Standing Strong and Standing as One with your Utah Warriors throughout this season. See you at the next event, game or just on the street. Please come and say hi! 

Haumi e, hui e, taiki e!

Arohanui, Coach Daniels