Utah Warriors volunteer with ChamberWest in Jordan River project


On Friday, November 30th, even with rain, snow and mud, a few of the Utah Warriors and head coach Alf Daniels accompanies members of the ChamberWest Chamber of Commerce and took advantage of a rare volunteer opportunity with the Jordan River Commission. Together they set out to plant 120 trees along the Jordan River in Taylorsville Utah.

Looking back on the volunteer opportunity Alf said “It was a great opportunity to get along side our awesome community and make a small contribution that will hopefully be around for many years. The players & I are grateful to ChamberWest Utah for inviting us to participate in this event. We are excited to monitor the growth of our trees over the coming months & years.”

Barbara Riddle, CEO of ChamberWest was grateful for the helping hands and had this to say, "ChamberWest has been a strong advocate for the Jordan River Parkway believing it is a great asset to our community.We’ve supported legislation for funding, have hosted elected officials and business leaders on a tour of the river, and have now volunteered to plant trees along the river.For the day we planted trees, it was a great help to have Alf, Vern, Logan, and John show up ready to work.They made a difference in our successfully getting 120 trees planted.Amazing personalities, work ethic, and service to the community was well appreciated. GO WARRIORS!"

The Jordan river is a significant part of the community and is home to many different species of native wildlife including deer, beaver, fox, and many more varieties of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and birds. Together with the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, the Jordan River provides a critical resting area for migratory birds as they travel from Canada to Central America across the Central North American Migratory Bird Flyway. This joint effort was to aid in protection of this transcontinental ecosystem.