Kimball Kjar: State of the Nation

Warriors Nation,

It is not lost on me, nor anyone else in this organization, that we are deep into the season in a very different position than we intended to be as a club.

Despite the on-field results, we’ve seen some historic moments already this season with the launch of the new Warriors HQ, Utah’s new home for rugby. We’ve also set our path towards WarriorsFest, Utah’s climactic moment to celebrate our community and our rugby heritage that is unlike any other in America. 

Unfortunately, our Warriors have incurred many injuries over the last number of weeks. Far more than we had forecasted. That’s not an excuse, only an obstacle wrapped in opportunity.

Those injuries have led to some of our Warriors playing in non-traditional positions and they have taken our credo of “Warrior Up” to heart when we need them.

This team has three more chances to Warrior Up and we still have our focus on solutions and the outcome of a postseason berth. While some of the outcomes of the season remain out of our control, we are resolved to fight to the end, come what may. 

All of this focus and effort will culminate at WarriorsFest on June 28th when we look to host RFC Los Angeles at America First Field in the Warriors’ final regular season game of 2024. Even now the staff is working hard on solutions to increase the momentum into WarriorsFest, another exciting element will be announced tomorrow. Here’s my hint - “VIP.”

From now until the 81st minute of WarriorsFest, everything will come down to everyone in our organization and within Warriors Nation remaining solution-focused and outcome-obsessed. 

So as we build toward WarriorsFest which will be the culmination of this organization’s and this community’s hard work, resilience, and unwavering spirit, we invite every member of Warriors Nation to rally with us, to stand by this team and its staff, and to push them forward as they strive for success to close out this season.

Together, we will rise above our challenges. Let’s show the world what it means to be Utahn and to be a part of Warriors Nation.

The season is not over, and we are ready to give our all until the final whistle of the 2024 season. 

Three games. Three opportunities: New England. Dallas. Los Angeles. Time to go to work, Warriors Nation.

With gratitude and determination,

Kimball Kjar

Co-Founder & CEO

Utah Warriors Rugby


"I was able to bring my family to three games. It was a lot of fun for all the kids, my wife, and myself. The atmosphere is very family-friendly for even my youngest kids. I had 4 children attend the pregame Jr. Warriors clinics on 2 separate occasions; they had a lot of fun with those experiences and it was a very positive and encouraging environment."