Ian Luciano

Ian Luciano is an American whose family moved to Australia when he was young. So he grew up playing Rugby League, but after high school, he switched codes. Luciano played rugby for the Warringah Rugby Club ( the Mighty Warringah Rats ) before returning to the USA to play for New England College in 2013. Upon graduating from New England College, Luciano joined Mystic River in Boston.

The highlight of his rugby career so far, has been Mystic River winning the Division 1 Championship against Belmont Shore, in Glendale last year. Luciano is joining the Warriors as a scrum half.

Off the field, Luciano enjoys getting dubs in Fortnite and mixing fire beats under his stage name, DJ SoySauce.

Position Scrumhalf
Height 5' 8"
Weight 165 LBS
Hometown Sydney, AU
DOB 30 Jul '94