Matt Maddison, Strength and Conditioning Coach

From Cambridge, England, Matthew started his coaching career at 19 when he started working with the Cambridge University Judo team, with whom he had started training from the age of 15. From here, Matthew moved to working as a personal trainer and then strength coach in Tokyo, Japan, where he spent his time at judo training, and rediscovered his love of rugby by playing for and then taking on the S&C role for a local team. While in Tokyo, Matthew also started working with some members of the U.S Air Force, helping clients reach the standard required for physical fitness testing, and still works with a number of these members today.

Since moving to the U.S, Matthews most valuable experience within the industry has been taking part in the U.S Ski & Snowboard teams highly sought after, 4 month long internship which was a great stepping stone to where he is now with the Warriors.

With the team, Matthew has specific long term goals which he is working on to improve the overall understanding of S&C within the team which goes beyond simply lifting for the sake of lifting, and is beginning to implement new monitoring, methodology, speed training and dedicated prehab sessions.

Matthew has competed at a national level in judo, state level field hockey and javelin, and still plays rugby for a local team in Utah while getting out onto the slopes as frequently as he can. He is also a USAW Level 2 Olympic weightlifting coach, and enjoys competing when he can.