Wayne Tarawhiti, Director of Players & Pathway

Tarawhiti will oversee the team’s player experience, recruitment, and development on and off the field. With an extensive background in human resources and operations at companies like ADP and Workday Tarawhiti will work closely with Head Coach Greg Cooper to build the MLR’s top roster and player experience on and off the field, but he’ll similarly oversee the development of the next generation of Warriors by focusing on the team’s Pathway programs.

“Wayne is dynamic personally and professionally and someone that has a singular ability to make the people around him better,” Kjar said, “His addition will infuse our already strong Pathway program with added passion and energy and thus increasing our development opportunities for players. But most importantly Wayne’s addition will significantly improve how our players past, present and future will be supported and developed for life before, during and after the MLR and that’s something we believe is key to the Warriors’ and the MLR’s long term success.”

Tarawhiti is no stranger to rugby having been a part of the five-time National Champion Brigham Young University coaching staff while also serving as the Warriors Kaumatua over the last three seasons.

“The Utah Warriors are something more than just rugby,” Tarawhiti said, “This team is about everything this state and community stands for. As we know, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, then go together. It’s going to take the whole of Warriors Nation to get us to the MLR promised land. I’m excited to work with the players, the staff and every member of Warriors Nation to build something special together.”