Andy Chesnut

Commercial General Manager

Chesnut brings a wealth of corporate marketing and business development experience to the organization, with years of growth strategy and marketing leadership on his resume with successful high tech companies like DSCO, Lease End, QZZR and Expedia.“Andy’s skillset is 100% that of a disruptor and strategy expert,” said Kjar. “He’s been a thought leader in just about every industry and company he’s worked in and he’s going to not only help the Utah Warriors lead the MLR in fan experience and commercial growth, but Andy’s got the innovative DNA to grow something special inside of America’s most competitive sports and entertainment landscape.”Chesnut will oversee the Warriors’ brand, community, ticketing, marketing and sponsorship teams while also leading the Warriors’ long and short term commercial strategies including fan experience, game operations and partnership development efforts.“Rugby is exactly what humanity needs right now,” Chesnut said, “Modern life is relentless. Rugby teaches us how to overcome again and again. I’m beyond excited to be a part of the explosion of rugby in Utah. You step into the stadium on gameday and you can feel the thunder. You can feel the Warrior spirit come alive. There’s no better atmosphere than what we’re creating here at the Utah Warriors.”